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How to Tell When It Is Time To Harvest Gourds Video

Nov 13 2018 Published by under Uncategorized

Gourds Have Been Growing All Summer – Now What? Your gourd vines are looking a little wimpy, but you can’t quite tell if it is time to harvest them yet.  You want to wait a long as you can so the shell reaches its maximum thickness.  But how do you know when the time is […]

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Tomato Cage Tip – Safer | Easier Storage Video

Nov 05 2018 Published by under Agricultural Age, Fall, The Ages, The Seasons, Videos

Tomato Cages Can Be Difficult and Dangerous to Store – Until Now!

Tomato cages are easy to forget about when they are filled with lovely, ripe tomatoes.  But when the growing season is over, dealing with these wire monstrosities can be a hassle.  Fed up with being cut, poked, and annoyed by these cages, I found a way to make them safer and much more efficient to store.

How Do you Store Your Tomato Cages?

Have you struggled with the same issues when it comes time to store your tomato cages?  How did you conquer the beast?  Share your wisdom and leave a comment below!

Video Transcript

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